Qualitronics, Inc. has more than 20 years experience meeting the demands of manufacturers in a variety of industries.  We provide custom wiring harnesses and cable assemblies, tested repeatedly for quality, to meet our customers’ needs.  We do more than supply parts; we develop partnerships with our customers.  We are confident that our products will significantly reduce your manufacturing problems and increase your final product quality.  As your partner, Qualitronics, Inc. assures that you will not have a warranty issue with your product caused by one of our assemblies.

Custom Wiring


Our Qualitronics, Inc. engineering staff will work closely with yours to ensure that the final assemblies leaving our facility will work as expected on your production line.  All of our products are custom-built to your specifications and needs.  Because we value your partnership, we consider the design, your needs, the quality and cost of components in order to deliver an effective, custom product.

Technology and Equipment

We have invested heavily in technology and industry-specific equipment. This investment pays off to our partners in the variety of custom harnesses we can build and the efficiency with which we can produce them.


A wide range of quick-change applicators offer flexibility in applying terminations.


Molded plug assemblies meet a wide variety of over-mold requirements. We also design custom molds.

Cutting and Stripping

Digitally controlled cutting and stripping equipment provides high production rates, versatility and fast set-up.

Ink Jet Marking

Our custom inkjet printers can create any label information you require, printed directly on wire insulation, eliminating costly printed heat shrink tubes or wrap around labels.


Test Board

At Qualitronics, Inc., we focus on quality at every phase of production.  From the initial contact through engineering and design to assembly, we take pride in the excellence of our work.

Each wire harness assembly at Qualitronics, Inc. is put through rigorous review and testing before the final plan is submitted for manufacturing.  For new designs or major modifications, we are prepared to provide you with a prototype assembly before the unit enters production for testing and review.  Once the harness is in production, each assembly is tested at various stages before delivery to the customer.  Such rigorous testing and emphasis on quality production ensures that each part delivered to you will perform as expected.

Our assemblers are well-trained, long-term employees.  Knowledge, skill, and dedication to quality are the defining characteristics of our staff.  The finished product matching your specifications and needs is the result of this commitment to consistent quality.

Our Commitment to You

Quality is the biggest part of our name and our commitment to you.  We, the employees of Qualitronics, Inc., value our customers as the reason for our continued success.  We take pride in our labor, our company’s success, and the partnerships we develop with our customers.  Since we esteem our customers so highly and value the work we do for them, we gladly make these assurances:

  • We will personally answer the phone every time you call during our hours of operation – no voice mail, no electronic cues.  A real person.  Every time.
  • We will respond to your concerns in the most expedient manner possible.  Whether you contact us by telephone, fax, letter, or email, we will respond quickly and professionally.
  • Most importantly, each Qualitronics wire harness you purchase from us will meet your specifications and perform as designed.  Furthermore, we will replace any assembly that does not – at no additional charge, with highest priority and minimum disruption to your workflow.
  • Finally, we will ship your order using your preferred method, or the most cost effective means available to meet your production needs.  If necessary, rush orders can even be personally delivered by our staff to your dock.
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